What does it take to look like a muscle model….?

Good day to all my readers! Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting any blogs over the past few weeks… I’ve been training and dieting for the muscle modelling finals held at the Amateur Mr Olympia in Liverpool on the 1st of Novemberand with all the work added I simply didn’t have the time, but most importantly energy to write anything. However … More What does it take to look like a muscle model….?

Stop Failing!

Whenever I visit a gym, I always see a number of overenthusiastic guys training like there is no tomorrow. They‘re taking every set to the point of muscular failure, using a training partner to help them on the majority of their sets, and completely losing control over their lifts because the weights they’re using are far too heavy. Some people might … More Stop Failing!

Diet supplements scam!?

Salut, my soldiers! Today I want to talk to you about diet supplements. The supplements market is booming nowadays, with hundreds of brands making very similar products. They come in different boxes, under a variety of names, they are promoted by a range of top athletes and they all claim to deliver astonishing results. It … More Diet supplements scam!?