Diet supplements scam!?


Salut, my soldiers! Today I want to talk to you about diet supplements.

The supplements market is booming nowadays, with hundreds of brands making very similar products. They come in different boxes, under a variety of names, they are promoted by a range of top athletes and they all claim to deliver astonishing results.

It may sound like I’m a little sceptical about them, which isn’t necessarily true. Still, what’s the deal with diet supplements?

People want magic pills and quick fixes. In particular, they often want to look like their favourite athlete or model. So they use the supplement brand that sponsors that person. The underlying assumption is that the famous bodybuilder endorsing a given product will miraculously make them look like their idol.

Why doesn’t that work? Because, while stars may take supplements made by their sponsor – they get them for free, so why wouldn’t they? – they probably looked the same when taking a different brand. And in all likelihood, they would look the same if they didn’t take anything at all.

There’s a finite number of protein powder types and amino acids out there, yet all companies will try to convince you that their product is the best.

Are they all bad? No! All may offer something useful. But they don’t have magical properties. The clue is in the name: they are DIET SUPPLEMENTS, which means they supplement your diet. And your diet should be in place to start with! If you are unable to get your daily protein requirement from the meat and dairy products you consume in a day, use some kind of protein to supplement your diet. Otherwise, don’t bother.

There are many different types of protein supplements. They may have different absorption times, and one might be more suitable for a particular time of day than another. That, though, is another story.

All you really need to know right now is that supplements are only really necessary when you’re not getting what you need from organic food. If you don’t eat enough oily fish, flaxseed or walnuts to reach your daily omega 3 requirements, for instance, take omega 3 pills to top up your supply of fatty acids. But if you can get enough of what you need from organic food, forget the pills.

Finally, let’s look at the biggest misconception – FAT BURNERS! They are a blend of stimulants, amino acids and herbs that helps your body to produce energy from fat more easily. Fat burners suppress appetite and give you extra energy while you’re on a restricted-calorie diet. But they will not make you lose a single gram of fat if you don’t restrict your calories and fail to control what you eat!

Do I use supplements? Yes, because I know when I need to fill the gaps in my nutrition, and supplements make my life easier. Which brand is best? Well, you should look for a quality product at the best price possible from a company that offers a good range of items. With those considerations in mind, is a clear winner for me. Are their supplements going to build you the superhero body you’ve been dreaming about? NO! But smart nutrition and progressive training allied with consistency and supplemented with their products will. So try that chocolate-flavoured shake and let me know how it tastes. Does it taste like victory? It’s for you to find out …

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