Shopping with Captain Physique


Do you find yourself constantly trying to be healthier, cut out junk food or look better; but constantly keep failing?
There is a good chance that you have to much information from too many different sources making you very confused; or you simply don’t know where to start…

Let’s start with the basics…
Let’s start with the shopping!
Join me for a tour through your local supermarket and let’s stock the fridge up full of goodness for a whole week!

I always walk through the fruits and veggies section first, so let’s start here:
-2 bags of fresh baby spinach is compulsory
-1-2 packs of romain lettuce
-2 cucumbers
-2 bags of plum tomatoes(you can grab any other type)
-Usually a pack of cooked beetroot as I like to eat it with lamb or mackerel.
-2 large broccoli florets or even more…broccoli is one of your best friends!
-8 avocados- packed with healthy fats and fibre; it’s a great antioxidant and amazing addition to salads!
-Bag of sweet potatoes for my awesome chips
-pack of blueberries- can’t beat them! Awesome taste, great antioxidant, get in my trolley now!
-pack of raspberries- it’s quite popular nowadays to use raspberry ketones tablets for appetite suppression, however I prefer the fruit
-Pineapple- helps with protein digestion and tastes awesome!
-10 lemons for your morning lemon water and salad dressing, packed full of vitamin C
-Bag of apples- they’re one of the super fruits full of fibre and vitamins at a super low cost
-Possibly a few bananas as a little treat

From the tropical fresh fruit and vegetable section staring into arctic cold meat section where we are going to shop for all the muscle building protein:
-1-2kg of chicken breast or mini filets- always a staple in the diet!
-3-4kg of skinless chicken drumsticks- they’re more moist and have more flavour, you don’t have to eat chicken breast exclusively…
-3 servings of rump steak- lamb or beef(I personally prefer lamb)
-2 servings of mackerel cheap and tasty, packed with omega 3
-2 servings of salmon just like mackerel it’s loaded with omega 3 fatty acids- eat fish regularly and forget about swallowing any oversized omega tablets!
-30 free range eggs because you can not beat eggs for breakfast!

Once we are stocked up on meat we go for a quick cruise through dairy products where I’m going to pick:
-5 alpro soya yoghurts
I eat soya as I’m trying to keep the dairy intake low and I haven’t noticed my estrogen levels being any higher from eating soya,so why not!? If you don’t want to touch soya- total Greek yoghurt is the way to go.
-kefir from the Polish food section- it’s basically fermented milk which does magic for your gut health

And all we need now is few extra bits and pieces from various different sections, such as:
-300gr of mixed seeds which I add to my rice and salads
-pack of milled flaxseed which is a great addition to the yoghurt and can be used to batter your chicken(genius idea from my girlfriend!)
-basmati rice which is one of my carbohydrates source
-quinoa great force of complex carbohydrates and fibre, complex protein, free from gluten and it doesn’t taste to bad…you might actually enjoy it from time to time!
-gluten free oats which I add to my yoghurt and flaxseed
-flaxseed,olive and extra virgin olive oil for cooking and dressing your salads
-seasoning of your choice (I like mild curry, Jamaican jerk and chargrilled chicken+ some garlic and rosemary)
-if you have followed this far, go ahead- reward yourself and grab your favourite chocolate bar and enjoy it during the weekend!
And checkout time!
It might be slightly longer then your usual shopping list, but I do eat 6 meals a day and they’re all home cooked. This shopping list covers all nutritional requirements, there will be no room in your fridge for junk food,so you will be literally unable to go off track!

Now you know my exact food list in preparation for a muscle modelling competition, so what are you waiting for!? Shopping time!

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