Be prepared to look amazing

You might have heard the saying ‘if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail’
This principal can be applied to many areas of your life and personal development, however I would like to focus it on a particular area. Meal Preparation.

Having your nutrition plan on track is the most crucial element of getting into great shape or simply staying in shape.

A lot of people I meet and clients that I work with have this common problem- no time to eat and no food ready to eat when they so have a second.
They struggle to take a break from work to eat and they have no time to eat breakfast, not to mention having their meals prepared in advance…
Excuses like that will leave you unhealthy and out of shape for the rest of your life- that’s a fact, but does it really have to be so difficult?!

2 days worth of meals for work ready in 15min
2 days worth of meals for work ready in 15min

Let’s compare 2 scenarios:
Both John and Adam are working in the city of London, commute to work for 90min a day and often have to work many 10hour shifts. They also follow a training routine as they’re both trying to build muscles and lower their
body fat. Both John and Adam have nutrition and training programmes professionally designed by their personal trainer.

John follows his training routine, but always skips breakfast as he has to rush out at 7.30 am to get to work. At 10am he has a coffee break with some biscuits to keep him awake while he is struggling to focus on the large amount of paper work he has to go through. He is not very productive and efficient as his body is tired and not fuelled correctly. When lunch time comes John rushes out to a local food store to buy an overpriced sandwich,crisps and drink that again don’t deliver much nutritional value, typically John is faced with a 15min queue as he hits the lunch rush. By he time he gets back to his desk he has already lost 35 minutes of his break and has to eat his food in hurry. no need to mention that he has failed to make it to the gym during the lunch…He struggles to finish all the work on time and leaves at 20.00 absolutely exhausted and not looking forward to another day at the office. Needless to say John is always moody, tired and will not meet his goal any time soon.

Adam on the other hand grills some chicken the evening before, as the chicken is grilling he boils some quinoa and puts together couple salads, nothing fancy- spinach,avocado,tomatoes and cucumber with flaxseed dressing. Once the chicken and quinoa is cooked, he adds it in and 2 lunches are ready in less then 15min!
Next morning Adam wakes up 5min early to scramble 3 eggs with some salmon and has it with a cup of black coffee- he feels good and is ready to work!
Adam works very efficiently and as he is doing his duties he snacks on some Greek yoghurt and berries which he brought from home knowing that he will get peckish around that time. At 12.00 Adam eats his very tasty and nutritious lunch within 5 minutes without leaving the office or having to use his lunch break. At 14.00 during his lunch he goes for a workout at the local gym and has another meal while doing his work around 16.00. His energy levels are even through the day and he is very productive, he leaves work at 18.00 with all the tasks finished.
Adam is always full of energy, everyone likes to be around him, he does have enough time to have social life and he always gets complimented about his great condition which makes all the ‘efforts’ worthwhile.


You know that what you’ve just read might be just stereotyping two different characters, but it’s very true…Are you more like John or Adam?
If you’re not doing that yet- wake up 5 minutes early to have couple eggs with bacon or salmon- it really doesn’t take up your time! Buy some Tupperware and spend 15min preparing your meals for the next day. This way you know exactly what you eat, what time you will eat it and you will feel great for it!
One more thing- let me know how good it felt when your friends compliment you on how amazing your body looks!

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Till the next time!
Sincerely yours
Captain Physique





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