What does it take to look like a muscle model….?

Good day to all my readers!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting any blogs over the past few weeks… I’ve been training and dieting for the muscle modelling finals held at the Amateur Mr Olympia in Liverpool on the 1st of Novemberand with all the work added I simply didn’t have the time, but most importantly energy to write anything.

However this got me thinking that you might be interested in how a day in the life of Captain Physique would look like this close to a contest. I will not bore you with specific details, just facts plus photos; so you can see for yourself exactly what it takes to produce the physique that you see in fitness magazines… (Minus all the Photoshop, obviously!)

Just before I begin – at this point I try to do cardio daily and train with weights 6 days a week with one day off. Every workout focuses on a specific muscle group. In my case I work my legs and back 2 times a week and only sporadically train arms – this is purely because my back and legs are my weak areas. The remaining 2 workouts are chest and shoulders.

First thing upon waking is always a refreshing pint of lemon water, 500mg l-carnitine and 300mg caffeine pills, then I head out for a 30min cardio session and 10minutes abdominal workout. As soon as I’m done, it’s time for:

125gr extra lean turkey
3 eggs
250gr spinach
Green tea

Breakfast option 2

Meal nr 2
175gr grilled chicken
300gr green beans
15gr of flaxseed
Green tea

Meal nr 2
Meal nr 2
Meal 2 made for work
Meal 2 made for work

Meal 3
240gr grilled salmon
200gr asparagus
200gr green beans
Green tea

Meal nr 3
Meal nr 3
Ocasional alternate
Ocasional alternate

Meal 4 (pre workout)
200gr extra lean ground turkey
250gr cooked rice
200gr green beans +10gr flaxseed

This has to be the best meal of the day!
This has to be the best meal of the day!

Training supplement:
Pre: Genesis pre workout
During:10gr Bcaa, 10gr eaas, 5gr, Creatine,5gr glutamine+ electrolytes
Post:30gr whey protein,5gr Creatine,10gr glutamine,electrolytes,500mg vitC

All the above supplements can be purchased at The Protein Works website

Meal 5
200gr cooked chicken or cod
200gr kale
150gr green beans
1/2 avocado

Last meal of the day
Last meal of the day

The only seasoning used at the moment is pepper and sea salt. I also drink 4 lifters of water per day.
There you have it!
That is literally my entire daily routine without any secrets…
Looks simple? But do you have guts to keep it up long enough to get ripped? Feel free to try and I invite you to ask any questions that you might have!

Thanks for reading and until next time,
Sincerely yours
Captain physique

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