Captain Physique

cropped-img_0134.jpgPawel Ciszak was once just an ordinary boy growing up in Poland. He had a dream of looking like a super hero and becoming one. Sadly, he didn’t possess any superhuman powers. He was never transformed into an X-man as a result of a lab experiment. The Earth’s yellow sun didn’t enable him to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But he did have one great strength that has never weakened – passion!

Pawel didn’t have a very powerful body to begin with, but he knew exactly how he wanted to look like and never gave up. He stubbornly tried all kinds of training styles, diets, and supplements. Along the way, he made dozens of mistakes. But finally he has built the physique he always wanted.

Now, after 16 years of trial and error, he has become Captain Physique, a hero who builds, instructs and trains his followers, sharing his knowledge and leading by example.

You too can look like a super hero. Don’t give up on your dreams! It’s never too late to start. Just join my army and let me lead you to a marvellous transformation.


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