Ever since I have picked up my first fitness magazine, my lifetime ambition was to look like a cover model.
There wasn’t much information available at that time which left me following routines of the bodybuilders found in the magazines. Needles to say that it didn’t do the trick. My nutrition was poor and I didn’t understand why the transformation was taking so long…However in this day and age the information available is endless, so much so that even fitness professionals can get completely lost and confused. After many years I have learnt what works and how to apply it and all the new scientific findings might look great on the paper, but will never beat the basics. My goal is to educate people on how to achieve and maintain the physique they always wanted. I will be posting my blogs on different topics related to training, nutrition and supplementation on a regular basis. They will deliver the message with a simple application plan that will leave you ready for action. Having worked with over 300 personal training clients I know exactly what challenges people are faced with and will be delivering the solutions. For those who want to work with me more closely and get a personalised training and nutrition plan + constant access to my expertise; I have designed an online coaching plan available for everyone anywhere in the world. For everyone who lives in London I have three different personal training packages available. Let me lead your way to the better you and that superhero physique that you’ve always dreamed of…

Glen Cooper




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