Where are you based?

I’m based in Wimbledon, London. The facility I use to conduct personal training sessions is located a couple of minutes from Wimbledon Park underground station.

Do you travel to your clients?

Generally not, as I have a fantastic, fully equipped facility at my disposal in Wimbledon Park, and I don’t like to compromise on the quality of either the equipment available or the training sessions. However, if you can provide access to a fully equipped gym without any complications, it can be arranged. Additional travel costs will apply, however.

Do you provide personal training sessions at home or in the park?

No. While training with your own bodyweight in a small space or running around in the park can certainly make you healthier, as a muscle-building expert I need access to a wide spectrum of equipment in order to provide training sessions specifically tailored to my clients’ needs. I have access to a world-class facility in Wimbledon Park, and we can use it at no extra cost to you.

What level of fitness do I have to be at?

It doesn’t matter. I will design a progressive training plan suited to your needs. I’m just as happy to teach beginners the basics as I am to provide advanced training routines based on my 3D training philosophy.

Do your techniques only work with male clients?

Absolutely not! Male or female, I work with anyone who wants to improve their body composition by building muscle and achieving a lower body-fat percentage.

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