3D Training

3D training is Captain Physique’s own, personal creation based on 15 years’ in the gym and the experience of working with more than 300 personal training clients.

Over the years, the Captain has developed a very clear understanding of the different mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy and how to apply them in practice. The core principles of 3D training are similar to those involved in cycling your carbohydrate intake, where a high-carb day is followed by a day of moderate carb intake and then a low-carb day. Captain Physique’s training system cycles strength training, volume training and super-slow repetitions. Each muscle group has its own three workouts, which are completed at least once in every two- to four-week cycle.

The 3D-training philosophy promotes full stimulation of every type of muscle fibre, boosting your natural hormone production while building muscle and reducing body fat. And all this is achieved without any cardio or risk of burnout or stagnation!

Sounds too good to be true? Think again: it is real, and it works – Captain Physique is the living proof! What are you waiting for?

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