I started training with Pawel a year ago. In that time I have learnt the importance of proper technique, eating healthily and injury prevention. I came to Pawel wanting to gain lean muscle. I have two damaged discs and have suffered with pain while training. For a few months we worked on just technique and we spoke about better healthier food choices.

I started to notice areal change in my body and we tailored a workout to strengthen my core and prevent my back pain. Over the years Pawel has become a close friend of mine. He is very easy to talk to and maintains professionalism at all times. He is very intelligent and had a passion for what he does. He has time for everyone and has answered every question I have ever had. I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to change their body through training and eating well

Glen Cooper


I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Pawel is and just how much he has done for me. I have been training with Pawel more than three months and I am more than happy with my results. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Pawel, his sessions were challenging but still really enjoyable! He is super professional, supportive and motivational and if you follow his advice you will see unbelievable results in your body and mental well-being. Pawel is an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. With his help and support I understand more about fitness and I am feeling fitter and gaining confidence. I would highly recommend Pawel. Whatever your goals are he will listen and identify how to help you reach them, for me the evidence speaks for itself.




I started training with Pawel midway through my weight loss journey. Having lost 17 kilos I reached the point where i was noticing less change in my body and felt it more difficult to maintain my new weight. Training only once a week with Pawel I lost further 5 kilos in a matter of months. This was mostly down to a new workout regime and more balanced diet. Training in a more efficient way in combination with the diet change was surprisingly easier and when i did have bad days Pawel was always on hand to offer me advice and guidance, something I am continually grateful for. Working with Pawel over the past couple years has helped me to become stronger and more determined person in no only my training but in my mind as well. Pawel’s support and advice have transformed my body and mind further than i thought possible. Every training session is unique, fun and tailored to my goals as they change through my journey. It would be lying to say our workouts are easy but they do become easier as you progress and the benefits of training with him mean I don’t spend hours doing cardio which is always a positive. I have come to realise that my training journey will never come to an end and that is exciting. Pawel helps me to keep pushing my body to new heights and experiences. Working with Pawel has been an empowering experience and i am lucky to be able to call him a mentor but most importantly a friend.



Before I started training with Pawel I had 4 years of training experience under my belt and have worked with two other trainers in the past.
My main goal was to add lean muscle mass and specifically grow my shoulders as they’ve always been very narrow and unimpressive.
The best shape I have managed to achieve (photo on the left) was 82kg with 8.5% body fat.
After 7 months of work with Pawel I weighed 93kg, my body fat was down to 5.5% and I finally, for the first time in my life had shoulders! (Photo on the right)
He is quite unconventional in his way of training and dieting, but that comes from the astonishing knowledge and experience he has. He does not follow guidelines found in every magazine or book as they simply don’t suit certain people- he creates a bespoke program for each individual.
As an example- he made me stop shoulder pressing (which was what I did a lot of with previous trainers with zero results) and taught me how to activate them effectively with isolated exercises and high volume.
In simple words- if you need someone with knowledge of an encyclopaedia to push your body to the next level- Pawel is your man.


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